Aquabio’s AMBR™ system uses high crossflow to achieve high flux rates. Plants are lower in capital cost and extremely compact with very low membrane area and hence reduced membrane replacement costs. The membrane banks are operated automatically on demand to match the plant throughput. When not required, individual membrane banks are automatically shutdown, auto-flushed to remove biomass and await re-start, thus saving energy.

The cross flow ultrafiltration (UF) membranes provide a complete barrier to suspended solids resulting in a high quality, solids free permeate which can either be sent as a low cost discharge to sewer or water course or ideally applied directly to Aquabio’s RO/UV technology to provide potable water re-use.

AMBR Applications
Low/medium flow and low/medium strength industrial wastewaters
Variable wastewater flows, high peak or seasonal loads, or when electricity costs are moderate to high
Secondary wastewater treatment to sewer or surface water
Nutrient removal, nitrification and denitrification
Combined with Aquabio’s RO/UV water re-use technology for potable/demineralised applications
AMBR Diagram 1
AMBR Diagram 2 Animation
Key Features/Benefits
High biomass concentration enables a smaller plant footprint compared with other systemsHigh flux performance provides low membrane area and hence low CAPEX
Deep bioreactor tank provides higher aeration efficiency and lower energy usage for UF membranesCompact UF membrane skid design
Low loading rate providing robust process and low sludge productionLow membrane replacement costs
Robust treatment for removing > 99 % COD and BODTrue separation of biological aeration and membrane separation functions
‘Out-of-tank’ and low level installation of equipment provides ease and safety of maintenanceIdeal pre-treatment for direct application to Aquabio’s RO/UV water re-use technology
Modular design allows for ease of expansionAdvanced pretested, standardised software and control system
Can be easily retrofitted to existing systems Remote access functionality
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