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Plant Operation

Aquabio is able to provide a complete process and plant management, operation, maintenance and call out service, both as part of a larger build and operate installation project, or on existing client assets. The service provides expert operation and management of wastewater treatment facilities, with a dedicated focus on optimisation of plant performance. This benefits our clients with demonstrable reduction of power and consumables, improved asset maintenance regimes, management of unplanned events and an efficient mechanism for future plant development and improvements.

The scope of the operation agreement can range from simply providing personnel to undertake day to day operational tasks, or to take responsibility for the supply of all consumables, maintenance and replacement of all equipment, and to deliver a quality controlled recycled water. Aquabio is happy to discuss your needs and to provide a delivery structure that most appropriately meets your requirements.

Alternatively Aquabio can provide support for operational activities with regular process management communications, a periodic review of the plant performance to provide an audit trail of best practice for the client, or offer proactive advice to avoid process problems.