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General Mills (USA)

AMBR™, Reverse Osmosis & Water Reuse

Case Study 3


General Mills is a leading supplier of baking and other food products to the food service and commercial baking industries. Founded in 1866 they are now one of the world’s largest food companies, selling food products in over 100 countries.

Project requirements

Providing process water for wet scrubbers and demineralised boiler feed water. Design and Engineering in partnership with US contractor.


Complete turnkey solution:

  • Primary treatment tanks, jet aeration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Design, testing and commissioning support.
Volume for AMBR LE ™ Treatment1,895 m3/ day
Volume of RO Permeate950 m3/ day
BOD in influent1,300 mg / day
BOD from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg / l
TSS from AMBR LE ™< 5 mg / l
RO PermeateSuitable for reuse as process water and boiler feed water
Lower mains water consumption and wastewater discharge
Environmental benefits of reduced water footprint
Wastewater discharge cost saving to sewer – significantly lower volume and concentrations
Consistent high grade water for reuse for boiler feed
Reduced treatment of boiler feed water, reduced blowdown
Enhanced corporate social responsibility profile