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Butcher’s Pet Care specialises in the production of high-quality pet food products. The company has grown substantially in recent years and currently produces approximately six million packs of pet food each week from its production facility in Crick, Northamptonshire

Project requirements

Upgrade/replacement of existing treatment facility to an AMBR™ effluent plant to achieve nitrification treatment to stringent watercourse consent.

Existing primary treatment assets to be utilised,  including inlet screening, balancing and DAF treatment, with conversion of existing SAM tank to AMBR™ Bioreactor with jet aeration followed by ultrafiltration membrane separation.


  • Additional balance tank, AMBR™ plant comprising bioreactor tank and containerised ultrafiltration membrane separation
  • Totally automated, with remote access for plant monitoring.
Plant performance
Volume for AMBR™ Treatment500 m3/day
Design COD Load775 kg/day
Design Ammonia Load115 kg/day
BOD from AMBR™< 10 mg/l
Ammonia from AMBR™< 2 mg/l
Benefits for the Customer
Significant reduction of tankering costs by minimisation of effluent disposal
Utilisation of existing assets to reduce capital costs
Containerised solution for UF membranes – reduced plant footprint and onsite installation costs
Reliable achievement of watercourse consent limits
Enhanced corporate social responsibility profile