Nano Filtration Reverse Osmosis - Cucina RO 4

Reverse Osmosis

Working in conjunction with our AMBR or AMBR LE technologies, Aquabio’s RO plants provide demineralised water which can be used in boilers or other non-food contact reuse applications. Further combined with UV technology, exceptional quality water is achieved which complies with all International standards to allow potable water reuse for food contact and human consumption.

Aquabio’s RO units focus on ease of operation due to a high degree of automation together with ease of maintenance. A permanent cleaning system is provided including all required valves and pipework, to minimise down time during offline cleans. Depending on the requirements additional pH control, remineralisation, temperature adjustment or residual disinfectant treatment may be included.

Demineralised water re-use as boiler feed water
Re-use for CIP applications
Potable water re-use for food washing
Potable water re-use for complete factory water supplies
RO Diagram 1 Animated
Key Features/Benefits
Low fouling membrane modules allow for low pressure / low energy operationAutomatic control of permeate and reject flow – allows for flexible operation
Modular design enables easy upgrade with additional modules or banks for increase in capacityLow level installation provides ease of maintenance
Variable speed control to reduce energy usageCan be easily retrofitted to existing MBR systems
Conforms to requirements of UK Private Water Supply Regulations 2016 and equivalent International StandardsAdvanced pretested, standardised software and control system
Approved by Enhanced Capital Allowance Tax Incentive SchemeStandardised RO skid - rapid procurement and installation
Can be supplied as modular / containerised systemsRobust, proven, best available technology
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Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes:
provide barrier to solids, parasites and bacteria
Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes:
provide barrier to solids, bacteria, viruses, organics and
partial removal of ions (99% rejection)
Disinfection by Ultra-Violet (UV) light:
99.99% of all pathogens (parasites, bacteria and viruses)
rendered harmless, certified to German DVGW standard
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