Wyke Farms (UK)

AMBR LE™, Reverse Osmosis & Water Reuse

Case Study 8


Wyke Farms is a family owned dairy processing company located in the heart of the Somerset countryside. Founded in 1861 the company is well known for producing a range of multi-award winning Cheddar products as well as becoming the first national Cheddar brand to be 100% self-sufficient in green energy.

Project requirements

Treatment of all process waters to surface water discharge and tertiary treatment to potable water quality to the prescribed concentration values of the current UK water supply regulations.


Complete turnkey solution:

  • Low energy AMBR LE™ with slot aeration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membranes and UV disinfection.
  • Totally automated, with our standard
Volume for AMBR LE ™ Treatment750 m3/ day
Volume of RO Permeate300 m3/ day
Design COD Load1,275 kg / day
BOD from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg / l
TSS from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg / l
RO Permeate / UVSuitable for reuse
Lower water consumption and wastewater volume with improved discharge condition
Low energy consumption, flexible operation and energy management
Improved water security, especially in dry periods
Environmental benefits of reduced water footprint
Consistent high grade water quality for reuse in the factory
Low energy water reuse in keeping with Wyke Farms 100% green strategy