Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company

Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company (UK)

AMBR LE™, Reverse Osmosis & Water Reuse

Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company


Radnor Hills are a British company based in the foothills of the Cambrian mountains in the Welsh Marches. Specialising in mineral water and soft drinks, the company has grown substantially in its 25 years of trading.

Project requirements

Upgrade of an existing treatment facility with an AMBR LE™ and reverse osmosis system for treatment and reuse of process waters.

Treatment of wastewater for discharge to the nearby river to meet with stringent consent parameters and reuse of water to the prescribed concentration values of the current Private Water Supply Regulations.


Complete turnkey solution:

  • Bioreactor with jetox aeration, AMBR LE™ low energy ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection.
  • Totally automated, with remote access for plant monitoring
Average volume for AMBR LE™
194 m3/day
Average Volume of RO Permeate84 m3/day
Average design COD Load551 kg/day
BOD from AMBR LE™< 5 mg/l
TSS from AMBR LE™< 5 mg/l
Ammonia & Phosphate from
< 1 mg/l
RO Permeate / UVSuitable for reuse
Improved discharge condition to meet with stringent consent requirements
Consistent high grade water for reuse
Low energy consumption, flexible operation & energy management
Environmental benefit of reduced water footprint
Enhanced corporate social responsibility profile
Modular design enables the simple installation of additional membranes to accommodate future growth
Short payback period for the investment