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AMBR LE™, Reverse Osmosis & Water Reuse

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Müller Milk & Ingredients is the largest milk supplier and distributor in Great Britain. It is part of the Müller UK & Ireland Group that employs over 4,000 people. Müller has ten major dairies, including their facility at Severnside which produces some  the UK’s most recognisable fresh milk brands.

Project requirements

Replacement of existing treatment facility with an AMBR LE™ and reverse osmosis system for treatment and reuse of process waters. Treatment of wastewater for discharge to river and reuse of water to the prescribed concentration values of the current UK water supply regulations.


Complete turnkey solution:

  • Inlet works, screening, balance tanks, DAF, bioreactor with slot aeration, AMBR LE™ low energy ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection and sludge treatment.
  • Totally automated, with remote access for plant monitoring.
Plant performance
Volume for AMBR LE ™ Treatment2900 m3/day
Volume of RO Permeate1,500 m3/day
Design COD Load3,100 kg/day
BOD from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg/l
TSS from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg/l
RO Permeate / UVSuitable for reuse
Benefits for the Customer
Low energy consumption, flexible operation and energy management
Consistent high grade water for reuse
Lower water consumption and wastewater volume with improved discharge quality
Environmental benefit of reduced water footprint
Wastewater discharge cost saving to sewer – significantly lower volume and concentrations
Short payback period for the investment