LVMH Glenmorangie Distillery UK

LVMH, Glenmorangie Distillery (UK)




The Glenmorangie Distillery, owned by Paris based Louis Vuitton Malletier Holdings (LVMH),   have completed construction of a new waste to energy AD plant at their whisky distillation exemplar site in Tain, Scotland.

The distillery currently produces approx 4-5 million litres per annum (MLA) of whisky spirit and operates all year on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis.

This AD waste to energy project is considered a flagship development for the LVMH Group and the UK distillery industry.

Project requirements

Wastewater treatment to cater for current and future production demand, providing low cost energy to heat the stills and meet both compliance and group sustainability targets.

Treated biogas from the plant is burnt in a biogas boiler and gases produced from the treatment process are scrubbed to minimise potential odour sources.

Treated effluent from the new plant continues to be discharged to the Dornoch Firth under licence.


Turnkey M&E solution:

  • Inlet works, screening, balance and divert tanks, anaerobic bioreactor tank working in conjunction with low energy AnMBR LE™ biomass separation membr Biogas energy management system complete with biogas boiler.
  • Totally automated, with remote access for plant monitoring.
Plant performance
Peak volume for AnMBR™
467 m3/day
Design COD Load14,527 kg/day
Average Total COD Removal≥ 95%
Biogas Generation8,000 Nm3/day
Steam Generation2,500 Kg/h (F + A)
Benefits for the Customer
Energy recovery from waste – cost savings
Low energy consumption, flexible operation and energy management)
Displacement of heavy fuel oil on site (c20%)
le operation to compliment client’s production demands
Enhanced brand reputation, improved public relations and the commitment to their worldwide sustainability agenda