Bakkavor Tilmanstone UK

Bakkavor Tilmanstone (UK)

AMBR LE™, Reverse Osmosis & Water Reuse

Case Study 2


Bakkavor is a leading international producer of fresh prepared foods, with manufacturing operations all over the world. In 2001 a new facility was opened in Tilmanstone, producing salads and prepared vegetables. Fresh salad produce is supplied to the company from accredited growers in both the UK and Continental Europe.

Project requirements

Treatment of wastewater for discharge to sewer and production of potable water to the prescribed concentration values of the current UK water supply regulations. Design and installation of plant as part of DBFO scheme.


Complete turnkey solution:

  • Inlet works, primary treatment, balance tank, MBR tanks with low energy AMBR LE™ and slot aeration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes, UV disinfection and sludge treatment.
  • Totally automated, with our standard software and remote access for plant monitoring.
Volume for AMBR LE ™ Treatment1,400 m3/ day
Volume of NF Permeate1,050 m3/ day
Design COD Load1,170 kg / day
BOD from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg / l
TSS from AMBR LE ™< 10 mg / l
NF Permeate / UVSuitable for factory reuse
Lower mains water consumption and wastewater discharge
Low energy consumption, flexible operation and energy management
Wastewater discharge cost saving to sewer – significantly lower volume and concentrations
Consistent high grade water quality for reuse in the factory
Short payback period for the investment
Reuse of water enabled production expansion in a location with limited water supply